El Circulo Fernandino celebrates 97th Reception and Ball

El Circulo Fernandino celebrates 97th Reception and Ball

THE oldest social-civic club in Pampanga celebrated its annual reception and ball ceremony at the Laus Group Event Centre over the weekend.
The El Circulo Fernandino (ECF) is an annual social gathering of Kapampangan leaders, businessmen, and prominent people from other sectors of the society.
Third district Representative Aurelio Gonzales, this year’s ECF president, said the event aims to create fellowship not only among Fernandinos but also among citizens from other Pampanga towns and nearby provinces.

He added that this year’s ceremony is more of a social event as it is also considered an opportunity for government leaders and social and civic personalities to discuss possible programs that uplift the lives of needy Fernandinos such as environmental projects and scholarships for the youth.

As a lawmaker, Gonzales said that he will maximize the opportunity to invite and discuss to his fellow leaders the viable programs and projects that may help in the development of the district and Pampanga as a whole.

“As the representative of the third district of Pampanga and incumbent President of El Circulo Fernandino, I want to make the programs of the government parallel to the organization’s. I will initiate program like scholarship, health care, for the farmers et cetera,” he said.

The ECF co-president Monina Laus said that this year’s gathering is more significant as it enjoined not only the elite people of San Fernando, but also simple citizens who are concerned of the happenings in their community.

She also said that the event is also a fund-raising one as a chunk of the ticket sales will finance the community outreach programs of the organization.

“This event is not just a mere ‘sosyalan’ as we wanted to establish camaraderie among us, members, which can help in implementing our programs for the community,” she said.

Former ECF President and Laus Group of Companies Chairman Levy Laus, for his part, extended his gratitude to the ECF officers and fellow members for reviving the annual event and most importantly, continuing its social relevance by becoming an avenue to formulate programs for the indigent sector through the ECF Foundation Inc.

He expressed his hope that the tradition, which started way back in 1920’s, will be pursued to spur a big impact to the Fernandino and Kapampangan community.

Laus said that as early as now, the ECF members are already looking forward to the centennial year of the organization where a bigger and more socially-relevant program is being readied. (With JTD

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